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  • The Rug Repair Experts in Springfield Illinois

    Has your area rug sustained damage from a pet, insects, or something else? It’s time you called your local area rug repair specialist to provide the repairs you need to restore your floor coverings. At Murphy Rug Cleaners, we provide area rug repair services to customers from Springfield, IL, and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand that these pieces are important to your family and we use over 70 years of experience to provide the repairs you need while preserving aging, delicate hand-made rugs. Read more about our repair services below or contact us to get started!

    Area Rug Repair Services

    Repair your rug with rug repair services from Murphy Rug Cleaners. Get the results that you're looking for with our handcraftsmanship on rug repairs, matching of materials and colors, and restoration of heirloom rugs! We offer a pick-up and delivery service for rug repairs.

    What Type of Repairs do we offer? Our repair and restoration services include:

    • Fringe Replacement
    • Serging By Hand
    • Re-Knotting/Re-Weaving
    • Carpet Binding
    • Dye Rug Options
    • Repairing Tears
    • Repairing Insect Damage from Moths or Carpet Beetles
  • Fringe Replacement

    Has the fringe your carpet been chewed on or picked at? This is a fixable problem! At Murphy, we provide fringe replacement services for area rugs that have been damaged by pets that chew, kids that pick and much more.


    Serging is one of the methods that we can use to repair area rugs. It involves wrapping the edge of the carpet in one continuous thread of yarn that holds the other fibers in place. This is an easy, fast and affordable option for repairing the edge of an area rug.


    Throughout the lifespan of our carpets, their will be damage. Whether it’s from children, pets or something else, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your carpet for a completely new one. We can repair even the most complicated of carpet damage with re-knotting and re-weaving services that will help restore your carpet to its best condition.

    Carpet Binding

    Binding is another method that we use to repair the carpets. It involves abiding that’s folded over the edge of the carpet and stitched one using a binding machine. Binding gives area rugs are tailored, classic look that’s not found with serging.

    Rug Dyeing

    Has your area rug lost its color over the years? Wish you could restore those vibrant colors that made you fall in love with it in the first place? Let us provide rug dying services that can restore your carpet to its like new condition – call our staff for more details!