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Has your area rug been harmed by a pet, insects, or something else? It’s time to contact a local area rug repair specialist to provide the necessary repairs to restore your floor coverings. The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners offers area rug repair services to customers in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand that these pieces are important to your family, and we promise to use our over 70 years of experience to provide the repairs you require while preserving aging, delicate handmade rugs. Read on to learn more about our repair services, or contact us to get started!

Close up of professional's hand re-knotting/re-weaving a damaged, worn rug - Rug Restoration - Springfield, IL

Area Rug Repair Services

The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners offers rug repair services to help you restore your rug. Get the results you want with our handcraftsmanship on rug repairs, material and color matching, and heirloom rug restoration! In addition to rug repair, we also offer services for pick-up and delivery.

Our repair and restoration services include the following:

  • Fringe Replacement
  • Serging By Hand
  • Re-Knotting/Re-Weaving
  • Carpet Binding
  • Dye Rug Options
  • Repairing Tears
  • Repairing Insect Damage from Moths or Carpet Beetles

Fringe Replacement

Serging By Hand


Carpet Binding

Dye Rug Options

Repairing Tears

Repairing Insect Damage from Moths or Carpet Beetles

Fringe Replacement

Has your carpet’s fringe been chewed on or picked apart? Thankfully, this is a problem that can be solved! The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners offers fringe replacement services for area rugs that have been damaged by chewing pets, curious children, and other factors.

The issue with fringes is that they are the most vulnerable part of any rug, whether crafted by hand or machine. The strings eventually wear out and separate, or they become filthy and break. When you vacuum the rug, the vacuum cleaner frequently yanks the fringe strings, sometimes pulling them off completely. The rug’s fringe is almost always the part of the rug that gets the most gnarled over time.

An initial examination of your rug will determine the type of fringe repair needed, usually based on the rug’s specific construction. If your rug is hand-knotted, we generally recommend a hand-stitched repair that takes into account the colors and structure of the rug. This can be a time-consuming and meticulous process. If your rug is machine-made instead, power fringing is more appropriate and less time-consuming. Either way, you will always be guaranteed a thoroughly professional job when you go through our team at The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners.

close up of professional hands repairing the fringe on an antique Persian rug - Springfield, IL
professional in the process of serging carpet edges to seal off woven design - Springfield, IL

Rug Serging

Serging is one of the methods for repairing area rugs. It entails wrapping the carpet’s edge in a single continuous thread of yarn that holds the other fibers in place. This is a simple, quick, and inexpensive method for repairing an area rug’s edge. However, serging does more than turn an unfinished carpet cut into a beautiful, finished rug. Carpet edging can accomplish many things, such as creating a signature aesthetic through colors, textures, and patterns. It will also make your rug more durable by ensuring it keeps its original shape and preventing it from unraveling.

The life of your rug will also be extended through serging by making it more sustainable and preserving its value. You will have flexibility when choosing the style of rug you want, and with proper treatment, your rug will be beautiful, fashionable, and last for years. As you can tell, serging is about beauty as much as it’s about function and longevity.


Throughout the lifespan of our carpets, there will be damage. Whether it’s from children, pets, or natural wear and tear, it doesn’t mean you have to trade in your carpet for a completely new one. We can repair even the most complicated carpet damage with re-knotting and re-weaving services that will help restore your carpet to its best condition. There are several types of knots and weaves, including Persian, Turkish, Tibetan, and Jufti.

Trust our experts at The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners to thoroughly examine your rug and replicate the style, so the repairs match the design seamlessly. Our professionals are exceptionally skilled, so we’ll gladly handle any re-knotting or re-weaving job with our years of acquired experience achieving perfection.

Close up of professional's hand re-knotting/re-weaving a damaged, worn rug - Rug Restoration - Springfield, IL
professional carpet binding for large area rug - Springfield, IL

Carpet Binding

Another method we use to repair carpets is binding. It consists of binding that is folded over the edge of the carpet and stitched with a binding machine. Binding gives area rugs a tailored, classic look. There are many ways to bind your rug’s edges, so they don’t unravel. We can do standard edge binding for you, which involves using a durable synthetic tape that is designed to complement your rug and blend in, so it’s barely noticeable. If you want the edge of your carpet to be completely hidden, we can do hand binding. This involves a cloth binding that is hand sewn and wrapped tightly around the back so you can’t see the edging at all.

On the other hand, if you want a noticeable edge to your rug, we can do wide fabric bindings to add a stylish accent. We can also do serging or add/repair the fringe of your rug.

Rug Dyeing

Has your area rug lost its color over the years? Wish you could restore those vibrant colors that made you fall in love with it in the first place? Let us provide rug-dying services that can restore your carpet to like-new conditions. Our rug dyeing services are a more cost-effective alternative to buying a new rug. We can dye your rug to look like it did when it was new, or we can dye it to change the color. We can also do spot dyeing or bleaching to address stains. If your rug is exposed to a lot of sunlight, its colors will naturally fade over time.

It can also be subjected to pests like beetles and moths that can affect the rug’s integrity. Help your rug last longer and look its best by investing in our rug dyeing services at The Rug Rack & Murphy’s Rug Cleaners.

two shades of bright color for rug/carpet dyeing - rug dyeing before and after - Springfield, IL