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  • The Rug Cleaning Specialists in Springfield & Central Illinois

    We are the area rug cleaning specialists in Central Illinois! Has built up dust and dander faded your rug? Do you find yourself hiding tough-to-remove stains? We offer thorough cleaning services for all your valuable hand-made or machine-made area rugs. To ensure your rug is treated with care and devotion, we offer pick-up and delivery options, so you do not have to bring your precious, hand-made Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and all exotic animal rugs to our shop yourself. Our experienced staff will take extra care with older rugs and those made with fragile or unusual materials. We will keep an eye out for any damage and notify you, so that the best course of action can be taken to repair and conserve the carpet.

  • Our Rug Cleaning Services

    Area rug cleaning uses special rug rinsing and wringing equipment that is specifically designed for precious, hand-made area rugs. After we pick-up or you drop-off your hand-made or machine-made nylon, polyester, olefin, wool, acrylic, silk, and synthetic blended rugs to our store located at 2222 South 6th Street in Springfield, our staff will treat your rugs like the family heirlooms they truly are. Call Murphy Rug Cleaners today!

    All area rugs are subject to our pre-cleaning inspection which is explained to the customer. Our area rug cleaning services include the following:

    • Rug Cleaning
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Stain Removal
    • Pet Stain Removal
    • Cleveland Rug Dusting Machine Process
  • Murphy’s Area Rug Cleaning Process

    Without boring you with our chemical formulas (non-toxic and bio-degradable) or our specific washing techniques that were learned and passed on through generations, we can provide you with a description of our general washing process used in area rug cleaning. Read more below, and feel free to contact ours staff for any information you need.

    • Rugs are pre-inspected for any possible problems that may arise while cleaning such as dye runs, insect pests, urine, etc.
    • Rugs are thoroughly 'dusted' to remove dry particulate soil.
    • Dyes are stabilized for washing.
    • The rug is scrubbed with a gentle detergent to loosen soils and oils.
    • Spots are addressed.
    • Fringes are treated and then rinsed thoroughly.
    • The rug is placed in our state-of-the-art Moore rug dusting machine for a thorough, deep-clean process.
    • The water is wrung out through 16' rollers.
    • The rug is then brushed to set the pile in the appropriate direction.
    • The rug is then dried in a temperature-controlled drying room.
    • After they are completely dry, the rugs are then inspected. If they do not pass inspection, they are washed again at no additional charge.
  • Rug Cleaning Information

    Our normal 'turn-around' time for our area rug cleaning is approximately 3 to 7 business days. This varies depending on the soil level, the fiber type and the type of cleaning process. If there is a need to have your rug(s) back sooner, please make us aware of this and we will do our best to accommodate your time schedule by placing a rush order tag on the rug for you for an additional charge.

    Pick-Up & Delivery

    Hand-made, Persian and Oriental rugs are delicate items, especially as they age. With that in mind, it’s important for great care to be taken when transporting it for cleaning. That’s why we offer pick-up and delivery services to ensure that nothing happens to your rug when it’s being transported.

    Spot Cleaning

    Wine stains and other spills can ruin the beauty of your rug. Don’t spend time trying to hide the stain when you can call us to get rid of it. We provide complete spot cleaning services for red wine and other types of spots.

  • Food Stain Removal

    When food hits the floor, it’s hard to arrange a fast cleaning to get the stain out immediately – you may not even notice the stain for an extended period of time. We offer food stain removal services for new and old stains. Our cleaning process can penetrate the fibers of your rug to life the stains out for a noticeably vibrant rug.

    Pet Stain Removal

    Training a pet can be hard work. Many times, there are accidents. Don’t throw out that rug because of a few stains – bring it to us for pet stain removal services. We provide complete removal of urine and feces stains from all types of pets.